Benefits and Insights

Why use ServiceMax?

Key differentiators & advantages of ServiceMax

  • Setup cost parameters and other scheduling parameters with the aid of highly usable and intuitive setup screens.
  • Generate an optimized schedule based on your overall business need that include: Minimizing overall cost, maximizing response time and assigning the right person to the right job.
  • Manage open-ended routes or closed routes for the technicians based on the tech’s or your business’s preferences.
  • Optimax workforce management software optimizes the schedules for any planning horizon ranging from a few days to few weeks or even months ahead.
  • Set different service planning goals for different territories or groups of territories.
  • Fine-tune the pre-set parameters for each of the business objectives to satisfy your unique needs.
  • Schedule the optimization runs at specified times at regular intervals for any specified service team’s schedule duration.
  • Rich, interactive and highly configurable Dispatch Board and an Interactive Assignment capability so dispatchers and service managers can see the optimized work-orders and plan for additional emergencies or other new work-orders that were created after an OptiMax run.
  • Setup pre-defined rules to automatically pre-assign technicians to certain types of work-orders, based on skills, expertise levels, and critical accounts before an OptiMax run.
  • Extend the features of OptiMax to service partners
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