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Why use Infor Workforce Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of Infor Workforce Management

  • Workforce planning - Infor Workforce Management streamlines and automates the workforce planning process so you can accurately plan your workforce deployment. The workforce planning module helps eliminate costs, time, and errors from the budgeting and planning processes. It also integrates annual and periodic forecasting activities with weekly workforce management execution. 

  • Time and attendance - Automate your time and attendance processes to help reduce payroll costs, increase compliance with government and union regulations, and motivate employees by empowering them to manage their time at work and paid time off. The time and attendance module also allows you to validate time and labor data collection in real time, helping to control related processes and reduce overpayments and other errors. 

  • Balances and accruals - Automate and maintain employee balance accruals and time off requests to produce an accurate staffing schedule throughout your organization. 

  • Employee transaction manager - The employee transaction manager provides an easy-to-use interface that fosters employee-management collaboration. Users get tools for viewing timesheets, shift trades, entitlement queries, personal data management, and job changes. Your employees can view their vacation time and other personal information, request time off, and communicate directly with managers and teammates. 

  • Task management - Accurately allocate your tasks to resources-including task creation and communication, task execution and consistency, task tracking, and facility compliance. 
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