Cost of Ownership

Typical cost structure for SAP WMS:

License/Subscription Cost Subscription-based pricing model – per month per user
Maintenance Cost
  • Cost is included in the subscription fee
  • SAP support contract provides users access to SAP support infrastructure and receive software corrections, patches, fixes and new releases of the software versions
  • SAP Support provides all core services such as upgrades, 24X7 support, backup, recovery management, mobile access and regular upgrades, which are covered by SAP and all are included in the monthly fee
  • SAP offers SAP Support Portal for reporting an incident, request keys, downloading software, search product documentation, SAP knowledge base, and SAP notes
  • Additional fee is charged for dedicated server
Installation/Implementation Cost None
Customization Cost Cost will vary depending on the functional requirements added, based on the organization’s requirements
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost Cost will vary depending on the amount and type of data to be migrated from the legacy system, availability of migration tools, data profiling, data cleansing to eliminate errors and audit trail of the migration process for accountability
Training Cost
  • For both types of deployments, cost is over and above the subscription fee
  • Users can purchase the subscriptions for SAP Learning Hub on their own or the organization can provide subscriptions for thousands of users
  • Provides SAP Ariba training via SAP Ariba Education which consists of Standard training and Custom training
  • SAP Ariba training is offered through diverse types of classrooms such as virtual classroom, traditional classroom – custom or private training, remote and through the cloud in SAP Learning Hub
Recurring/Renewal Costs Cost is equivalent to the subscription cost paid monthly or annually based on the number of users, customization cost, and training cost
Pricing Details
Product Name Description Price/Details
Pricing of SAP WMS What is the cost of the software? Pricing information is available on request only
Deployment Options What options are available for product deployment? Cloud based/SaaS
Pricing Model What is the pricing model? Subscription-based
Minimum Commitment Is there a minimum monthly or yearly commitment required for purchase? No minimum commitment is required
Custom Quote Can you get a custom quote? Yes
Free Trial Does the vendor provide a free trial option? No
Product Limitations

Some of the product limitations include:

  • Does not support Billing Management functionality. However, the solution can be integrated with SAP Hybris Billing tool
  • Limited BI functionality and does not support BI tools, activity dashboards, and reporting functionalities. However, the solution can be integrated with SAP Business Objects BI platform
  • Does not provide Labor Management functionality
  • SAP WMS does not support Payment Processing functionality
  • Does not support integration with tools such as QuickBooks and Xero

Oracle WMS: Starting at $10 per month per 1,000 warehouse transactions

Fishbowl: Starts at $4,395/license (one-time fee)

JDA WMS: Starting at $1,200 per month per site for unlimited number of users

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