Benefits and Insights

Why use VoIPo Phone Service?

Key differentiators & advantages of VoIPo Phone Service

  • Save up to 75% on phone service.
    Unlimited calling to US/Canada starting at $6.21 Monthly. We rely mostly on referrals and don't waste money on big ad campaigns. This saves you money.

  • Free international calling.
    International calls to over 40 countries (60 minutes per month) included with Home and Home Office plan. Low international rates across the board.

  • Over 40 amazing features.
    Over 40 amazing features are included with the Home and Home Office plan to help you control your phone service in ways you never even imagined.

  • Amazing Customer Service
    Need something? We'd love to help! Deal with knowledgeable support agents and friendly technicians that can actually solve your problems and help you.

  • Financially sound
    Privately-owned, owner-managed debt-free, and profitable. No greedy investors to please here.

  • We Actually Care.
    It may sound crazy in this day and age, but we care about your experience with our VoIP service and appreciate your business. If you have something you can't resolve with our support team, you can even e-mail the owner directly for escalation and personal response. Try that with the competition.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
    If you're not happy, just cancel within 30 days and return the VOIPo adapter to us and we'll refund 100% of your service fees. If you're not happy, we're not either.
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