Benefits and Insights

Why use IBM Sametime Conference?

Key differentiators & advantages of IBM Sametime Conference

  • Meetings panel. Easily find and join meetings from your Sametime client, which displays a consolidated view of your scheduled meetings, provides instant access to meeting rooms in the meetings panel and lets you invite people to meetings and accept invitations with a single click.

  • Reservationless meeting rooms. Use them once or keep them for ongoing meetings. Simple meeting invitations. Invite people to meetings by dragging and dropping from the contact list. Accept meetings with a single click just like joining a group chat.

  • Photo and list view of attendees, including Active Speaker indicator. Sametime 8.5.2 IFR adds active speaker indication so you know who is speaking. Meeting room controls. With Sametime 8.5.2 software you can manage access to rooms and eject individual participants, preventing them from returning for a pre-configured period of time.

  • Native high-quality audio and video capabilities. Enhance social communications with audio and video conferencing features that allow you to see colleagues and their reactions, without the time and expense of travel. With Sametime 8.5.2 software audio and video tools are extended to not only the Sametime rich client meeting interface, but also into web-browser-base online meetings.

  • File, application and screen sharing with people inside or outside the company using security-rich features, including audio and video.

  • Meeting library. Upload meeting materials through a simple drag and drop step. Record the meeting to preserve application sharing and discussion.

  • Online meeting access from your desktop, laptop, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad or Google Android-based smartphone or tablet. A zero-download client provides easy access to join and participate in online meetings from your computer. With Sametime 8.5.2 software, you can use the audio and video options; slide navigation and presenter annotation tools; and the updated polling feature available to rich-client meeting rooms.
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