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Why use VoIP Developer Tools?

Key differentiators & advantages of VoIP Developer Tools

  • SIP Developer Suite - powerful and highly versatile set of tools to dramatically accelerate SIP application development. It includes a suite of stacks, SDKs, add-ons and testing tools. Each one enables developers to combine all the necessary components to create an ideal development environment for every application's specific needs. The SIP Developer Suite complies with IETF and 3GPP standards, and is IMS-compliant (3GPP/3GPP2, TISPAN and PacketCable 2.0). These high performance tools provide multiple API layers for full user control and flexibility.

  • IMS Developer Suite - The move toward IMS is happening fast, and Spirent makes sure developers arrive at “destination IMS” on-time and ready. Spirent offers all the advanced building blocks for developing IMS-compliant products. Spirent’s IMS Express™ -the complete IMS Development Suite, includes all the necessary signaling and media protocols to easily and cost-effectively meet the IMS challenge.

  • Protocol Stacks - Spirent's award-winning Protocol Tools are the core technology behind rich media applications and products. With rich sets of APIs, these tools simplify development of all types of VoIP and 3G multimedia applications and services. Being core IP-based, each IP, 3G & SIP Protocol Tools is kept up-to-date with the latest industry standards and thoroughly tested for interoperability with leading OEMs, and support for single or multiple protocols.
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