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Creating a New Standard for Technology Evaluation, Procurement and Cost Management

Most organizations suffer though laborious technology evaluation, sourcing and procurement processes. Traditional methods and tools offer little visibility and a lack of structured collaboration among stakeholders—leading to drawn out IT initiatives and ultimately poor decisions. This is commonly referred to as “business as usual”.

While CIOs are under increasing pressure to deliver value more quickly, IT is often accused of wasting precious time and billions of dollars every year in misaligned technology purchases. Furthermore, organizations don’t always identify underperforming IT assets before serious damage has been done—or ever. Tracking the true costs and value of IT investments is exceedingly difficult.

SelectHub and Apptio are changing the business of IT with a partnership which combines SelectHub’s centralized platform for the selection and sourcing of new technology with Apptio’s management of IT investments. The combined solution offers CIOs a way to rapidly evaluate and onboard new technology in a “best practice” process that’s aligned with business stakeholders’ criteria and timelines — and then optimize the cost, quality and value of those IT investments.

Apptio’s technology business management (TBM) and SelectHub’s technology selection management (TSM) provide a way for CIOs to more quickly deliver real business value and make more informed decisions about IT investments.

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Roy SempleCreating a New Standard for Technology Evaluation, Procurement and Cost Management

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