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$542 Billion To Be Spent On Software in 2013; $368 Billion Likely To Be Wasted

Forrester Research is projecting that there will be $2.06 trillion invested across software, hardware, and IT services by enterprises and governments in 2013.

Techcrunch says:
Overall, Forrester’s is a more sombre assessment of IT spend compared to Gartner’s, which a couple of weeks ago released its own IT spending estimates (again, not including consumer spend) and put the figure at $3.7 trillion.
Forrester’s big-picture look at spending puts software as the biggest general category for investments, at $542 billion for 2013. “Software is where most of the big changes in technology are taking place,” writes Bartels. That is to say, while legacy, on-premise investments are “languishing,” those that focus on cloud-based implementations such as SaaS; and “smart computing” in the form of big data analytics and mobile apps are booming.
With 68% of all software projects failing to deliver (according to Standish Group and ZDNet), that could be $368 billion dollars wasted in 2013.
SelectHub’s goal is making sure those billion of dollars are better spent. Learn more about how we’re helping enterprises to better evaluate their software purchases.

SelectHub$542 Billion To Be Spent On Software in 2013; $368 Billion Likely To Be Wasted

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