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Why use Technomedia Talent Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of Technomedia Talent Management

  • Our award-winning Talent Acquisition solution streamlines all your recruiting and sourcing efforts. Smart, user-friendly and affordable, we give recruiters new online power to find the right candidates and manage them throughout the entire talent lifecycle. Native integration with our Performance and Learning modules allows you to truly measure “Quality of Hire” across your talent ecosystem. Host a corporate site, an employee referral site, Internal Mobility and more. Any or all of your sourcing efforts can be managed through one system—making administration a breeze. Your organization gains a strategic talent advantage through process automation, talent analytics and the latest creative sourcing options to more effectively find candidates, manage positions and measure results.

  • Our Performance Management module allows HR to have in-depth insight of the performance of their global workforce. We help our customers achieve a high performance culture by aligning and managing their people assets and processes to drive concrete strategic business actions. Companies can easily map different performance workflows across multiple divisions or throughout the global enterprise, all while allowing for complete accountability and transparency throughout the entire process.

  • Career & Succession Planning is not just another HR instrument – it is a strategic priority. As such, high-performing companies recognize that leadership is about more than just steering the business. It’s about nurturing, energizing, and challenging the people who help make it run, and who keep it competitive. To sustain success, a company needs leaders who care about and invest in their people. These companies understand that building a talent pipeline should extend beyond successors to top management to include everyone whose contributions are essential to the company’s future. 

  • Compensation decisions directly impact the success of your talent management strategy. Our Compensation module equips HR and managers with the ability to simulate and visualize sophisticated compensation scenarios, so they can reward and engage their team based on individual or group performance. Our solution is highly flexible for managing global talent budgets in multiple currencies and seamlessly integrates with our Performance module to bring comprehensive visibility to your compensation planning processes.

  • Effective training processes and practices ensure that you consistently hire and retain the right people, and invest in and nurture them throughout their career. Today, learning and development initiatives are taking center stage as business leaders increasingly understand that a highly skilled, knowledgeable workforce is critical to achieving their business success – and maintaining their competitive advantage. Our Learning solutions deliver powerful business tools that support organizational and individual capabilities.

  • As companies grow and increase the scope of their talent management processes, there is an ever-greater need to understand the efficiency, effectiveness, and financial impact of their HR initiatives. TMBI is a sophisticated business intelligence platform that empowers executives, line managers, and HR teams to easily gain insight into detailed information about the people and the processes in their organization HR professionals have access to all aspects of workforce performance, including talent acquisition, talent development, retention and succession.

  • Our Core HR Hub module enables organizations of any size to centralize key people data in a secure, unified cloud model enabling access to all talent management functions. Data can be aggregated and transformed from many disparate data sources to create a single view of all employee records. Additionally, key employee HR events and meetings are easily tracked including all related follow-up and action plans.

  • Our talent management suite offers a variety of natively integrated tools to help companies leverage the power of social networking throughout the talent lifecycle. Whether you want to increase the reach of the jobs you’re trying to fill, empowering employees to build interactive communities or expanding the collaboration within your learning paths, Technomedia offers practical and powerful features throughout the suite to support social networking and to manage robust and automated communications.
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