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Why use BullseyeEngagement Talent Management?

Key differentiators & advantages of BullseyeEngagement Talent Management

BullseyeEngagement solutions include contemporary, intuitive tools that address the following Human Capital pain points:

  • Feedback: Are you looking for the perfect solution for real-time, two-way check-in feedback? But do you also want the option to create a standard performance review?
  • Goals: Do you need a simple tool to support creation of cascading and individual employee goals throughout your organization?
  • Training: Do you need a simple tool to effectively manage the assignment and tracking of training throughout the organization?
  • Career Planning: Are you looking for a way to help your employees design a meaningful path for career growth?
  • Social Collaboration & Recognition: Would your team members enjoy having a tool that makes collaborating and giving and receiving recognition as easy and fun as a social media post?
  • Succession Planning: Do you still do talent succession planning on the back of a napkin or with an Excel spreadsheet?
  • Compensation Planning: Does your company rely on a myriad of spreadsheets to manage intricate and varied compensation plans?
  • Surveys: Do you have to rely on external resources that are expansive or inflexible to get the “pulse” of your employees, clients and other stakeholders?
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards: Do you scramble to pull together meaningful HR metrics to share with your executive leadership team? Does your executive leadership team scramble to pull together other KPIs?
  • Talent Match: Would you like to find the perfect candidate for that open position that requires an internal candidate, by clicking a button that automatically presents you with a list of qualified people who meet the criteria?

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