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Why use Recruiterbox Software?

Key differentiators & advantages of Recruiterbox Software

  • Create jobs once. Update everywhere
    Create an opening and reflect it on your company website or on a careers-page hosted by us. Broadcast jobs to search engines and share them on your social media accounts.

  • Structure your recruitment process
    Create a (customizable) set of steps according to your recruitment process and track candidates as they flow through the stages of your hiring funnel.

  • Assign responsibilities to your team
    Invite your colleagues to work on recruitment. Have people responsible for candidates in specific stages, forward candidates and collect shared feedback.

  • Customized questionnaire for applicants
    Create a completely customizable application form to collect richer information from applicants beyond the resume.

  • One stop for candidates from all sources
    Collect all job applicants at one place, whether they come via email, job-boards, your careers page or even folders.

  • All recruitment information in one place
    Discuss candidates, share evaluations, attach documents / notes to candidates in one place. No more information buried under a pile of email.
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