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Why use PeopleAdmin SelectSuite?

Key differentiators & advantages of PeopleAdmin SelectSuite

  • Analytics 
    Get a fresh look at your talent management effectiveness by seeing the story told by your data. That means data you collect in your talent management system are interpreted into actionable, easy-to-understand information — such as hiring trends, diversity mix and recruiting effectiveness — to drive strategic process improvements. With Analytics, you maximize the output of your human resources efforts, improve efficiency, enhance visibility into what you’re doing now and get data-driven inspiration for where to focus efforts in the future.

  • Applicant Tracking
    PeopleAdmin’s SelectSuite applicant tracking solution is designed to simplify higher education hiring practices and increase efficiency by automating talent management activities — including specialized functions such as faculty recruiting and search committee management. But because workflows and processes vary among colleges and universities, the solution is customizable and configured to make sure you get all the tools, features and options you need … and nothing you don’t.

  • Position Management
    Address compliance needs and build a sound foundation for talent management initiatives by moving your job classifications and position frameworks online. By understanding the complex relationships between position descriptions, seated positions and job postings, the position management module empowers you to conduct more targeted recruiting, increase cross-institution accountabilities, and build the foundation for a fair and defensible compensation plan.

  • Onboarding
    Welcome your new hires with an onboarding process that works for them and you. That means monitoring every facet of your onboarding processes and workflows easily and in less time, and giving employees easy access to the forms, files and information they need to join the team efficiently. Onboard by PeopleAdmin is a customizable onboarding solution for streamlining and automating the orientation and onboarding processes for staff, faculty, students and more.

  • Records Management
    Eliminate the daily challenges of managing personnel records, including multi-step processes and workflows, and manual tracking on checklists and spreadsheets. Digital process management offers effortless organization, efficiency and consistency — and sets staff free from elaborate paper- and file cabinet- based processes. Records by PeopleAdmin is a powerful, customizable process management solution for streamlining and automating the most complicated, frustrating and time consuming higher education tasks and workflows.

  • Performance Management
    Increase retention, engagement and employee contribution with a highly configurable, automated performance management solution, perfectly integrated with your other talent management tools.
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