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CRM Requirements Checklist and Template

When evaluating customer relationship management (CRM) vendors, making a checklist of your most important requirements is key to finding your best-fit software. From our experience, we’ve found that creating a full checklist of your CRM requirements is the best way to organize your search. If you’re not sure of what CRM requirements are the most common, look no further.

SelectHubCRM Requirements Checklist and Template
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What’s Wrong With Using Free HR Software in the Enterprise?

If you’re in the market for HR software, the first thing you’ll notice when you begin your online search is all the free stuff out there. Why pay extraordinary prices for proprietary HR software when all that open source stuff is just sitting there, waiting for your free download? While they promise the moon and all the stars above, these systems are almost all lacking in some way. Here are the most common problems with the enterprise using free HR software.

SelectHubWhat’s Wrong With Using Free HR Software in the Enterprise?
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ERP Software Selection Criteria and Vendor Checklist

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are a valuable tool for any organization, and they can have an impact on every single part of your business. These highly sought after enterprise applications help manage activities including planning, research & development, purchasing, supply chain management, sales and marketing. There are countless ERP systems available, so it’s crucial that you make the right ERP choice that fits your organization.

SelectHubERP Software Selection Criteria and Vendor Checklist
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Find the Best Business Intelligence Software

If you’ve come here to find the best-fit business intelligence software or tools for your needs, you’re in good hands. Not only have we done the research and built you a top BI tools leaderboard, we also have hundreds of BI software buyers actively using our system to define business requirements, send BI software RFPs and engage with vendors. We know what it takes to help someone find the best software for their needs.

Now, about business intelligence…

Business intelligence (BI) is a commonly considered a variety of software tools or platforms used to analyze your company’s data. It’s also a practice that includes data mining, online analytical processing, querying, reporting, dashboarding and more.

The best business intelligence software makes all of these complex practices more simple and powerful, providing substantial improvements within an organization.

SelectHubFind the Best Business Intelligence Software
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CRM Software Comparison Guide

If you’ve done any amount of research on customer relationship management software, you know that there are an overwhelming number of solutions available. Advertised as “one size fits all” CRM platforms, vertical-specific, cloud-based CRM, small business solutions, open source CRM, enterprise systems – it’s no wonder doing CRM software comparison is a challenge for buyers.

SelectHubCRM Software Comparison Guide
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5 Common Mistakes When Buying CRM

When buying CRM software, it’s easy to rush into the procurement process. The impulse is entirely understandable. With intuitive, comprehensive customer management tools and the capability to grow your business and improve customer relationships, CRM is a huge asset for any business.

SelectHub5 Common Mistakes When Buying CRM
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The Most Important ERP Capabilities

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) ranks high among the most comprehensive, powerful data management solutions available. For many businesses, ERP is an ideal solution for data analysis, automation, and full-scale infrastructure integration. Yet, with many systems available, each seemingly tailored to different industries, selecting the right ERP solution can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, the solution is simple: Ensure your prospective system offers these strong ERP functionalities. Solid ERP solutions have the following eight core capabilities in common.

SelectHubThe Most Important ERP Capabilities
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Top Electronic Health Records Systems for Large Organizations

Every EHR system should be 360-degree patient-centric. But how do you decide which EHR software system is right for you? The features that make EHR systems stand apart are the ease and efficiency with which they connect people, integrate active deployment of patients’ medical information and the customization capabilities of clinical workflow functionalities. SelectHub has compiled a detailed list of the top five EHR systems. The following are the top 5 EHR system vendors for large organizations:

SelectHubTop Electronic Health Records Systems for Large Organizations
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Reference Guide to Picking a CRM Platform

Picking the right CRM platform for your business requires countless decisions, so it can be hard to tell if you’ve covered all your bases. You don’t want to make it through the deployment before finding out the CRM is missing a key feature that your company needs for growth. Instead of going into a mission critical choice blind, use the following resources to guide you in your CRM platform selection process.

SelectHubReference Guide to Picking a CRM Platform
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