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Find the Best Business Intelligence Software

If you’ve come here to find the best-fit business intelligence software or tools for your needs, you’re in good hands. Not only have we done the research and built you a top BI tools leaderboard, we also have hundreds of BI software buyers actively using our system to define business requirements, send BI software RFPs and engage with vendors. We know what it takes to help someone find the best software for their needs.

Now, about business intelligence…

Business intelligence (BI) is a commonly considered a variety of software tools or platforms used to analyze your company’s data. It’s also a practice that includes data mining, online analytical processing, querying, reporting, dashboarding and more.

The best business intelligence software makes all of these complex practices more simple and powerful, providing substantial improvements within an organization.

SelectHubFind the Best Business Intelligence Software
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Business Requirements Gathering for Enterprise Software Selection

Business requirements gathering (BRG) is a critical and often overlooked step in a software evaluation and technology selection process. Understanding what your systems currently deliver and the key objectives of a new technology acquisition—is essential to realizing a successful IT investment. Here is a best practice approach you can use to ensure proper requirements gathering for your enterprise software selection project.

Dylan PersaudBusiness Requirements Gathering for Enterprise Software Selection
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Business Intelligence Software Benefits

Business intelligence software comprises a range of data analytics tools designed to analyze and manage data related to your business operations. BI’s rich visualization capabilities allow businesses to monitor sales, logistics, and even productivity–and provides extensive data analysis using richly visualized, intuitive reports.

SelectHubBusiness Intelligence Software Benefits
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The Big List of BI Capabilities

Through data analysis, analytical processing and data mining, business intelligence tools fulfill a comprehensive range of business data needs. Organizations that adopt it benefit from actionable, understandable data they can use to optimize business performance. BI streamlines operations, reduces workloads, and improves productivity — and achieves all this through the following critical BI capabilities. 

SelectHubThe Big List of BI Capabilities
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Choosing Between Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics Solutions

In recent years, organizations have increasingly turned to advanced software solutions to manage workloads, maintain profitability and ensure competitiveness within their respective industries. While there are several options available, business intelligence (BI) software and business analytics (BA) programs are arguably the most widely implemented data management solutions. Business analysts and software buyers often ask what the key differences are between business intelligence vs business analytics.

SelectHubChoosing Between Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics Solutions
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BI Requirements Template and Checklist

A great way to jumpstart your BI software selection project is with a quality business intelligence tool selection template that contains the most important criteria to consider when purchasing a BI solution. Our BI requirements gathering template contains a consolidation of key criteria identified by industry analysts and SelectHub users involved in actual BI selection projects.

SelectHubBI Requirements Template and Checklist
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