Benefits and Insights

Why use Inspur GS Supply Chain Software?

Key differentiators & advantages of Inspur GS Supply Chain Software

  • Strengthening procurement collaboration and improving procurement efficiency, accelerating the market response speed; exerting scale effect and reducing procurement costs through centralized procurement; enhancing the procurement lead-time management, ensuring the production supply and reducing inventory level, shortening logistics period, and enhancing the utilization efficiency of funds.

  •  Effectively reduces the comprehensive cost of a whole group, and the occupation of inventory funds, realizes the effective management of a group on its subordinate enterprises, as well as enhances the competition of group enterprises

  • Extending the supply chain management to the upstream suppliers, realizing the efficient and credible coordinated cooperation with suppliers, including suppliers in the development planning and procurement strategy of suppliers, enhancing supply chain coordination, eliminating information island, and realizing the total optimization of supply chain

  •  Making statistical analysis on the delivery quality, delivery timeliness rate and delivery accuracy rate of suppliers, and make classification and screening according to the evaluation results, optimizing the supply chain layout in an all-round way
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