Benefits and Insights

Why use ControlCase Compliance Manager?

Key differentiators & advantages of ControlCase Compliance Manager

  • Single repository for regulations and standards 
  • Centralized repository for compliance related organizational data 
  • Electronic workflow to speed up communications between various entries 
  • Automated compliance related data gathering from technology sources 
  • Allow for gathering of data from non technology sources such as people 
  • Map compliance data to regulations and standards 
  • Automate the determination of compliance status based on collected technology and non technology related compliance data 
  • Allow for generation of reports, export data for use with other systems within an organization 
  • Provide management dashboards for compliance status with the ability to drill down across departments, geographies etc. 
  • Allow for creation of custom compliance frameworks or modify existing ones 
  • Provide reminders to people for addressing compliance related tasks in an optimal manner 
  • Manage exceptions and activities related to compliance 
  • Provide an exhaustive audit trail for all compliance related actions through the whole process
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