Benefits and Insights

Why use Cisco Security Manager?

Key differentiators & advantages of Cisco Security Manager

  • Policy and Object Management 
    • Helps enable reuse of security rules and objects 
    • Facilitates process compliance and error-free deployments 
    • Improves ability to monitor security threats 

  • Event Management 
    • Supports syslog messages created by Cisco security devices 
    • Facilitates viewing of real-time and historical events 
    • Provides rapid navigation from events to source policies 
    • Includes pre-bundled and customizable views for firewall, intelligent protection switching (intrusion prevention systems), and VP 

  • Reporting and Troubleshooting 
    • Provides system and custom reports 
    • Offers export and scheduled email delivery of reports in CSV or PDF format 
    • Provides advanced troubleshooting with tools such as ping, traceroute, and packet tracer 

  • Image Management 
    • Provides direct, simplified upgrade of firewall software images using an intuitive wizard 
    • Offers scheduling of image upgrade jobs during network maintenance windows 
    • Imports images from the Cisco online software website or from a local file system 
    • Provides automated updates that can be performed on each firewall individually or run in groups
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