Benefits and Insights

Why use Information Risk Management System?

Key differentiators & advantages of Information Risk Management System

  • NextLabs Control Center
    Information Control Platform 
    Built on NexLabs Control Center - a standards-based Information Control Policy Platform, Information Risk Management turns your organizations Business Authorizations into digital Information Control Policies, which leverage your existing IT infrastructure to become automated controls, enforceable across servers, endpoints, and cloud applications.

  • NextLabs Entitlement Management
    Within server applications, Information Control Policies automate the classification of data, data-level access control, integrated rights protection, and activity audit. NextLabs Entitlement Management includes pre-built integrations into a number of commercial applications and a software development kit (SDK) to enable integration into custom applications.

  • NextLabs Rights Management
    Once data is downloaded from a server, Information Control Policies automate the protection of unstructured data using collaborative Rights Management. Unlike traditional rights management, which was designed for document publishing, collaborative Rights Management is designed to support highly collaborative business processes, where data needs to be shared between diverse sets of users in multiple organizations over the life of a project.

  • NextLabs Data Protection 
    As data is shared across devices via email, IM, and web meetings, Information Control Policies control the sharing of data between devices and parties over multiple communication channels. NextLabs Data Protection is the only truly identity-aware solution, which can proactively enforce policy not only based on the sensitivity of the data, but also based on the relationship of the recipient.
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