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eSkill’s vision is to provide the most relevant, valid, and fully customizable tests for any job or testing objective.  Each role at every company is different from all others. Assessments that measure a candidate's fit for a role should recognize reality by being as realistic as online technology allows and customizable to the very question.
It is also important to us that the test taker feel the process is positive and professional, and whether the job will be either a good match for their knowledge and aptitudes, or clearly not.

 The end goals are improved team performance, reduced staff turnover, and candidates impressed by the quality of the assessment process.
 Four business needs that eSkill addresses are:
 1.     Hiring competent employees while reducing time-to-hire
2.     Assigning candidates to the best positions for their skills
3.     Increasing EEOC compliance through assessments demonstrably tailored to each job’s requirement
4.     Evaluating employees’ knowledge prior to or post-training
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