Benefits and Insights

Why use Ascentis Recruiting?

Key differentiators & advantages of Ascentis Recruiting

  • Automating the source-to-hire process With recruitment software like Ascentis Recruiting, hiring managers and recruiters can walk the complex path from sourcing to hire to on-boarding. Once a hiring decision has been made, the employee is shared across the entire Ascentis human capital management platform eliminating dual-data entry. 

  • Career portals that set you apart Embedding a career portal into your company’s website can help reaffirm your company’s brand. An internal career portal can encourage employee career growth. With an intuitive user interface and social media tools, the applicant experience is greatly enhanced from the get-go. 

  • Get socially engaged It’s no secret that people look to their social networks to find the place they want to make a career home. Ascentis Recruiting software integrates social features into job postings that allow your jobs to spread among networks and be shared, liked, tweeted, linked, and more. 

  • Productivity Applicant tracking systems like Ascentis Recruiting increases recruiter productivity by an average of 15%. 

  • Reduced advertising costs Ascentis Recruiting can save you as much as 35% on advertising. Using a Web-based recruitment software solution can increase applicant flow by as much as 30%, ultimately resulting in less need for advertising. 

  • Agency fees With Ascentis Recruiting, you maintain a database of everyone who has applied directly. Additionally, increased applicant flow lowers the need to use agency recruiters. 

  • Time to fill An online applicant tracking solution like Ascentis Recruiting can reduce the time to fill open positions by as much as 40%.
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