Benefits and Insights

Why use Assistance PSA Suite?

Key differentiators & advantages of Assistance PSA Suite

  • Advanced Opportunity Management - The CRM module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides Opportunity management. With the PSA Suite you will extend the Opportunity module with Hourly Rates, Sales Forecasting per month and Budgeting capabilities per resource and hour type with the number of hours

  • Forecast your Revenue- The PSA Suite combines all the different revenue streams in one simple sheet that will show you the revenue per month or even per week

  • Manage your Projects on Time and on Budget - Managing your project deliverables on time and on budget is the key to happy clients. The PSA Suite is designed to be compliant with the BAFPA methodology

  • Resource Management - As a Professional Services company your major costs are recurring employee costs.The Utilization sheet will show you in an overview map if resources are under or over utilized 

  • Instant time entry or a Timesheet with Outlook integration - he Assistance PSA Suite provides four different ways of entering Time, the user interfaces are designed for different people with different needs

  • Managing your Expenses, Fees and Equipment

  • Project Accounting - The PSA Suite provides Project Accounting. With the use of a Project Template that will create a full Work Breakdown Structure you can manage your Budget, Forecast and Actuals per Project item

  • The Assistance PSA Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is extending the powerful CRM platform with a complete PSA solution including Invoicing and accounting
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