XaitPorter by Xait

Document collaboration has never been easier. With XaitPorter, it’s simple. This cloud-based solution gives you everything you need in order to create high quality documents. Everyone works on the same document, in real-time, whether in the office, at home, or on the other side of the world. You get an efficient document writing process with complete visibility, and the opportunity to focus on the quality of your content. No matter what your industry, business or document type; XaitPorter can help you increase quality, and make sure your documents are delivered on time.


Improve the quality of your documents:  Whether you are writing a proposal or a well report, you know that quality matters. So you put time and effort into the process. You try to keep track of who’s done what and how much work is left, and end up with chaos and last minute panic. You have invested time and money, but you don’t get the results you were expecting. Why? Because what you really should be putting effort into, is the content. By making the process streamlined and efficient, XaitPorter lets your team focus on the actual content of your document. How? XaitPorter is a solution for master content management (MCM). XaitPorter takes care of the process, so that you can take care of what really matters; the quality of your content. Documents that are heavy in graphics benefit from XaitPorter’s graphics management features. Add high resolution graphics without ruining the formatting. XaitPorter simplifies the entire process, so that your main focus can be on the quality of your documents. Deliver your documents on time: Chances are, you’ve worked long days and late nights to complete your work. You’ve struggled with merging files, formatting, and late submissions. And you’ve lost business because you didn’t deliver. When you can’t deliver on time, you lose customers, confidence and potential profits. With this in mind, we created a solution that will help you save time, and thus deliver on time. In fact, our customers report that using XaitPorter helps them complete documents up to 70% faster than with word processors.