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WorkZone by WorkZone LLC

Most project management software (like Microsoft Project) is way too complicated, with hundreds of little-used capabilities that get in the way of the handful that are really important. Others are simple enough, but offer little more than basic to-do lists. We designed WorkZone with the power to manage real-world business situations, with a usability that makes it accessible to less technical users. Sophisticated tools to keep projects on track and on budget, oganize projects by tasks (and subtasks), assign who’s responsible and when it’s due, and link tasks together to see how a change in one area affects the rest of the project.


  • Give management and the entire team visibility to the status of all projects across departments, clients or workgroups.
  • WorkZone identifies items that are at risk, so you can focus on the areas of greatest need. Late tasks are highlighted and can trigger automatic email alerts.
  • The To-Do List gives each user a focused, cross-project view to organize each day’s work.
  • Save any project as a template that can be reused the next time you have a similar project or process. WorkZone can quickly lay out the project schedule from a start date or working backwards from a deadline.
  • WorkZone lets you link dependent tasks, so that the start date of one task is calculated automatically based on the end date of one or more previous tasks.