Wizehive by WizeHive

Achieve balance by eliminating stacks of paper, long email threads, overgrown spreadsheets and clunky software. We know your work is filled with spreadsheets gone wild, overstuffed email, cobbled-together systems and often, hard-to-use software. We believe you can achieve more with our fast, affordable software tools that allow you to easily create perfectly tailored cloud-based business solutions.


  • Simplify your application processes  (For grants, scholarships, and awards)                
    Used by leading foundations, universities, and organizations to automate applications for grants, scholarships, and awards.    

  • Simplify your business processes (Customizable online business applications)             
    A cloud-based platform that empowers a non-technical person to quickly and easily build their own apps without the need to code.

  • Simplify your online contests (The Web's #1 online contest platform)               
    Run competitions and contests on your website or Facebook page with private and public submissions, judging and voting.