Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation by Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation can be used to create many styles and tones for your project. Whether you want something informative, funny or dramatic, we can accommodate your needs to best convey your message. We create animations for clients from a wide variety of fields, and we’re always looking for opportunities to tell new kinds of stories.


  • Our 100,00+ View Club
    The first place to look for a return on investment are the number of views an animation receives. We have created 40-50 videos in the 100,000+ view club. We also have over ten 1,000,000+ view videos. When you calculate the cost per view, each view costs our clients anywhere from twenty cents to .003 cents per view. These statistics do not take into account the videos receiving off line use nor the fact that these videos endlessly distribute. That’s pretty good ROI!

  • Studio Recognition
    We’ve also had artistic success winning multiple Telly Awards year after year. Successful media companies such as Marvel Studios, ESPN, DC Comics, The New York Times, and NBC Universal have chosen to make us the face of their advertising and branding. Since our founding we have also seen countless imitators come and go. They rip our videos and try to re-edit them. They also copy our scripts and drawings. We only accept it as the highest form of flattery!