Websense® DLP MODULE

Websense® DLP MODULE by Websense

From a damaged reputation to regulatory fines and penalties, a data breach can have devastating consequences. Websense DLP Module enables you to discover and protect sensitive data in the Cloud or on-premise. Secure personal data, intellectual property and meet compliance requirements quickly, with custom or out-of-the-box policies by using Websense's unique DLP capabilities to stop data theft.


  • Adopt cloud services like Microsoft Office 365™ and Box without fear of data theft.
  • Quickly deploy easy-to-use security controls for compliance and regulatory requirements for auditors and executives.
  • Identify sensitive data within images such as scanned data and screen shots.
  • Manage the Insider Threat by stopping data loss as well as proactively identifying high risk users.
  • Unify your security solutions, coordinate defense policies, share intelligence along multiple points and enjoy centralized management of your data security.