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WebEx by Cisco Systems, Inc.

WebEx services scale to your needs, reach wherever you work,and deliver what’s next for your business. Each Cisco WebEx product is part of an interoperable ecosystem of solutions for working together remotely. While most can be purchased and used alone, WebEx products can be combined and customized to your needs. 


  • Business benefits: Enhance Productivity, Improve Efficiency:
    • Meet anywhere, anytime, on any device worldwide
    • Collaborate in real time to keep projects on track
    • Eliminate the need for lengthy review cycles over email
    • Build tighter relationships with face-to-face meetings using video
    • Save time and money by reducing travel

  • IT Benefits: Lower Cost, Flexible Integration:
    • No large upfront investment- Quick global deployment and easy adoption for users inside or outside firewalls
    • Savings on hardware, software, and maintenance costs
    • Support for multiple operating systems and mobile devicesIntegration with everyday business applications and processes

  • IT Benefits: Enterprise-Grade Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Delivery
    • High availability, instant scalability, and exceptional performance