Web Security Gateway Anywhere

Web Security Gateway Anywhere by Websense

Websense® web security products provide modern, innovative defenses. They rely upon Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) and the expansive Websense ThreatSeeker® Network for real-time content analysis. They include forward-thinking features such as advanced threat dashboards, forensic reporting and data capture, sandbox analysis of malware, and data-aware defenses that provide containment of sensitive information. And they are easily managed through the Websense TRITON™ Unified Security Center.


  • Stop Advanced Threats – TRITON AP-WEB identifies Zero-day malware and other malicious activity across the entire Kill Chain to stop the latest advanced persistent threats.
  • Prevent Data Theft – A fully integrated, Enterprise-Class DLP engine simplifies data security (both for internal and external threats) and compliance.
  • Monitor web traffic for real-time code analysis – Use behavioral sandboxing for advanced threat identification.
  • Allow seamless access to web resources on mobile devices when they are used outside your corporate network.