Wave Data Protection Suite

Wave Data Protection Suite by Wave System Corp

The Wave Data Protection Suite goes wherever your devices go, on or off your network, online or offline. Which means it protects your data from the full range of modern risks: device theft, missent emails, flash drives, portable hot spots, hardware keyloggers. All the stuff your nightmares are made of. And it’s managed with a single console.


  • Compliance made simple
    The Data Protection Suite enforces security policies automatically. Careless or just plain busy end users can’t ignore the rules. It even comes with security policies preconfigured to meet PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and other regulations. And with its array of logs and reporting tools, proof of compliance can be as easy as printing out a report.

  • Built in-house for better performance and stability
    Unlike competing products (Symantec’s, McAfee’s), ours is built entirely in-house—not with third-party components that leave multiple softwares running in the background. So your machines won’t slow down or, worse, crash.

  • All at a price you can live with
    Partly because we keep it simple, our Data Protection Suite costs less than competing products. For example, its single-agent architecture means that you can add any module in the suite without adding more software to run it. You just buy the license and turn it on. And of course we give you a deal when you buy the whole suite.