WatchGuard Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

WatchGuard Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by WatchGuard Technologies

WatchGuard DLP is a uniquely comprehensive service for the WatchGuard UTM platform that helps keep private data private. It prevents data breaches by scanning text and common file types to detect sensitive information attempting to exit the network. This subscription-based service is affordable, easy to configure, and integrated into WatchGuard's award-winning XTM family of network security solutions. 


  • Quick policy configuration 
    A built-in library of over 200 rules allows IT to quickly create and update corporate DLP policies. Rules cover personally identifiable information, financial and healthcare data, and more.

  • Broad coverage 
    WatchGuard DLP can parse data from more than 30 file types including Excel, Word, Visio, PowerPoint, and PDFs.

  • Continually updated 
    Rule sets are updated monthly to stay current with data definitions and compliance mandates around the world.

  • Ease of Management 
    Use the same intuitive console for WatchGuard DLP as you do for any other services running on your WatchGuard UTM platform.

  • Automatic protection 
    All data in motion transmitted via email, web, or FTP is automatically scanned against your rule set.

  • Compliance made easy 
    Built-in sensors are included for PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance mandates.

  • Internal controls 
    Maintain the flow of vital business communication with multiple remediation options. You can choose to block or log flagged transmissions, or quarantine them for review.