Wala! Platform

Wala! Platform by Wala, Inc.

The WaLa! Platform is a big data search and analytics solution that can be used to quickly assemble a variety of data-driven applications. These include applications for analytics, CRM, inventory optimization, dynamic data discovery, search and exploration applications and semantically rich data graphs


  • The WaLa! Platform does for the enterprise what search engines have done for the Internet. It does this by processing multi-structured data in on-premise, cloud or virtualized computing environments and enabling business users to search, locate, analyze and act upon the insights they discover.

  • The WaLa! Platform integrates the latest advances in data indexing, classification, clustering, semantic technologies, in-memory analytics and MapReduce distributed computing frameworks to provide real-time big data analytics.

  • The WaLa! Platform easily integrates with any type of unstructured, semi-structured or structured data, such as log files, call details records, sales or transactional data, clickstream data, website metrics and social networking data.