Vitria’s Business Process Management Server

Vitria’s Business Process Management Server by Vitria Technology, Inc.

Vitria’s intelligent Business Process Management Server (iBPMS) is a fully integrated component of Vitria Operational Intelligence. Vitria’s iBPMS provides the capability to define and manage policies across the enterprise, apply the policies to events, and then take immediate action according to the predefined policies.


  • Vitria’s Unified Modeling 
    Environment supports automated processes as well as human-oriented workflows through a business-friendly, easy-to-use interface. With Vitria Operational Intelligence, business analysts get a modeling workspace tailored specifically to their needs and skill sets. Likewise, IT users get IT views and capabilities that support necessary IT functions, presented within the same unified environment.

  • Using the BPMN standard, Vitria’s Unified Modeling Environment provides a responsive, enhanced collaborative user experience. Business and IT analysts can share process components and metadata while working together on the same models. Role-based advanced collaboration capabilities include instant messaging, threaded discussions, and the ability to annotate models.

  • Vitria’s Unified Modeling Environment enhances productivity, enabling business analysts to collaborate with IT, working from a shareable model and knowledge repository. The shareable repository stores models, schemas, and other metadata. Vitria’s Unified Modeling Environment provides a graphical, user-friendly way to model event sources, web services, business processes, and data schema.