Vibe HCM
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Vibe HCM by cfactor Works Inc.

Vibe HCM is cloud-based employee software designed with engagement at the core. Our focus is on easy to use, highly personalized technology that offers more than basic transaction automation. Vibe HCM is designed to recruit, manage, pay, connect and inspire employees.  We consider it a compliment when people say our technology doesn't look like a typical HR system.  


  • Highly engaging, applicant tracking, social recruitment, preboarding, onboarding and virtual day 1 solutions.  From highly branded career sites to immersive virtual reality first day experiences - Vibe Onboarding is redefining new hire experiences. 
  • We realize positions, jobs, locations, hierarchies form the backbone of your organization. Vibe Core HR delivers a highly configurable Core HR platform for payroll, benefits, org structure, records management, self-service and configurable HR process automation. 
  • Vibe Talent gives you unprecedented visibility into your workforce. Combined with unified learning, performance, peer feedback, compensation and talent assessment tools - you possess a powerful platform to support your talent initiatives.
  • Connect employees at every location in every role.  Vibe Social delivers a unified social, communications, engagement platform within your core HCM.  Highlight unique programs, connect employees to your vision, foster social feedback while driving networking and innovation.
  • Leverage role-based hubs to access role specific information, analytics, processes, people.  
  • Put up-to-date information in the hands of your managers.  From dynamic interactive dashboards, talent charts and talent cards to build-your-own talent mining tools - Vibe Insight delivers comprehensive workforce data in real-time.