Vectra Security Services

Vectra Security Services by Vectra Corporation Pty Ltd

Vulnerability assessments conducted by Vectra are non-intrusive, cost-effective and can be executed remotely or performed on-site. Vectra’s vulnerability assessment deliverables include comprehensive reporting detailing exposures and associated risks together with advice from our security experts on the recommended solutions to address the identified vulnerabilities.


  • Security Services 
    Not a day goes by that organisations are faced with cyber and internal threats, loss or misuse of Confidential Information or failing to meet industry standards

  • Managed Services 
    An alternative to consider when the lack of or inadequate skilled resources cannot cope with the growing or daily demands of your business

  • Technology Solutions 
    Every organisation is faced with growing or operational needs for new or replacement hardware or software technology

  • Partners 
    Selecting the best vendor to address your information security, replacement, upgrade or operational needs can be daunting, so we've done it for you