Vantage Point EDI

Vantage Point EDI by Data Masons Software, LLC

Vantage Point EDI provides a complete EDI and XML processing platform that delivers broad and deep document integration to organizations that use supported ERP solutions in which we are experts. In addition to integration we provide ongoing partner compliance in a highly cost-effective manner.

Vantage Point is certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, GP and NAV as well as Macola ERP. Our solution-oriented approach takes the risk and expense out of EDI integration since it is a setup process without ERP customization.


While Vantage Point provides powerful data transformation, data transport and transaction management, it also provides rich EDI functionality that is often coded into the ERP platform. Externalizing this functionality removes the limitations and need to continuously customize the ERP platform to handle the unpredictable nature of B2B business transaction processing.

Vantage Point integrates all of your supply chain and value chain including:
  1. Customers
  2. Suppliers
  3. Transportation – Ocean, Rail and Motor Carriers
  4. Customs Agencies
  5. 3PL – Public Warehouses
  6. Banks
  7. Government
  8. Trading Networks, Buying Groups and Brokers

Data Masons delivers over 2,000 trading partner connections that can be configured in minutes. These connections comprise 70+ points of integration and over 12,000 compliance maps that meet partner compliance mandates. Data Masons also provides expert ERP and EDI consultants that know how to make the solution work in complex, real world environments.