Vantage by Actiance, Inc.

Vantage simplifies management and compliance for enterprise communication and collaboration. It gives you granular policy control over your infrastructure, in some cases right down to the feature level. With that breadth of coverage and level of control, Vantage provides the best solution to address strict compliance requirements including those set by the SEC, FINRA, IIROC, PRA, FCA, FERC, DOE, EPA, FDA, HIPAA, and other key regulatory bodies.


  1. Keep an eye on your business - Monitor content in real-time so you can mitigate the risk of potential data leaks and the use of inappropriate language.

  2. Capture content intelligently - Vantage captures conversations, activities, files, and even voice in context, including edited and deleted messages.

  3. Search with substance - Vantage makes searching content easier, more efficient, and less costly for legal and compliance teams.

  4. Keep everything safe and sound - Everything Vantage captures is stored in a centralized environment to help make it easier to reliably retrieve information when you need it.

  5. Deploy on premise or in the cloud- Vantage provides organizations with flexible deployment options to control,