VanillaSoft by VanillaSoft, Inc.

VanillaSoft is simply the most productive Lead Management Software for inside sales teams and sales by phone. Our platform handles millions of leads for our small, medium and Fortune-100 customers.By utilizing the VanillaSoft platform, your sales efforts, campaigns and salespeople become easier to manage and production can increase by as much as 40% over traditional CRM. It's for these reasons that VanillaSoft is becoming known as the most comprehensive lead management software available on the market today.


  • Web-based – No Software to Install
  • Automated Email Templates and Drip
  • Extensive Lead Tracking and Reporting
  • Lead Provider Integration
  • Auto-dialing - Make 35-100% more calls!
  • One Click Pre-recorded Voice Drop
  • Quick, Easy Lead Management Set-Up
  • Concentrate on the Next Best Lead to Call
  • Lead Distribution and Routing
  • Real Time Call Activity Dashboard
  • Move Leads Seamlessly Through Funnel
  • Intelligent Call Recording