Valant EHR Platform
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Valant EHR Platform by Valant

Valant is a completely new platform built on modern technologies including an elastic and infinitely scalable data model, mobile app-inspired experience, and an on-demand ability to respond to change without additional investment in time, money, or training. Our platform isn’t an EHR, it’s the technology partner community mental health deserves.


  • Behavioral health is the lever for healthcare transformation. You need the right technology partner to help you take the lead. Integrated care, care management, and interoperability demand better technology and we’re challenging the status quo.
  • Outdated EHR technology can no longer keep up with the changing requirements of behavioral health care. The Valant Platform combines domain knowledge and technological expertise to exceed the capabilities of EHRs.
  • Valant allows you to choose workflows from a content library full of Evidence Based Practices. The flexible and extensible data model enables you to extract, report and visualize data easily in real-time. Improve business and clinical performance; position your organization to deliver value.