USAN Workforce Management

USAN Workforce Management by USAN, Inc.

USAN’s Workforce Management enables you to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize your contact center’s effectiveness to help drive performance at every level of your customer service, collections, or sales and telemarketing operations. USAN Workforce Management leverages software that is the leader in optimizing today’s contact center workforce performance—ensuring that you have the right staff, with the right skills at the right time.


  • Strategic
    Simplify staffing decisions with multi-skill architecture, flexible forecasting and scheduling tools to determine the optimal staff and resource deployment that will ensure your contact center meets service level objectives.

  • Real-Time
    USAN WFM offers real-time and historical reporting capabilities for assessing schedule adherence and tracking productivity compared to current goals and past performance.

  • Efficient
    Reduce reliance on external reporting and enhance managerial support through dynamic analysis that reveals focused insights into agent productivity and intraday staffing shrinkage.

  • Time-Saver
    Save time accomplishing common tasks like calculating statistics and allocating requirements while generating forecasts, or editing existing overrides and importing from any forecast or scheduling runs.

  • User-Friendly
    Improve scheduling control and flexibility, create an easy-to-use self-service environment for premise and virtual agents and validate existing schedules with automated features.

  • Empowering
    USAN WFM helps to evaluate and empower employees to improve performance. With a built-in agent performance scorecard, WFM can track actual vs. targeted metrics to evaluate performance.