Ultimate Employer®

Ultimate Employer® by Insperity, Inc.

Ultimate Employer talent management software gives you everything your company needs to efficiently recruit and hire, train and develop, measure and manage your employees with confidence. Automated for speed and highly flexible to meet your company’s specific needs, Ultimate Employer bundles all the Insperity employee management software products for small businesses into one convenient package for an unbeatable value.


  • Create effective employment policies with Policies Now
    Policies Now software helps organizations of all sizes affordably create employment policies and procedures that communicate your company’s culture, ensure legal compliance and motivate your employees.

  • Attract the right candidates with Descriptions Now
    Create effective job descriptions quickly and easily using Descriptions Now.

  • Set up your employees to succeed with Performance Now
    Performance Now is one of the only employee performance management software solutions with built-in intelligence and support to help managers set goals and evaluate performance quickly and easily. Use Performance Now to manage and coach employees as they grow with your company.

  • Keep tabs on your employees with People Manager
    People Manager helps your management team coordinate all the tasks that go along with managing, evaluating and coaching employees. From recordkeeping to best practices and advice on guiding employees to success, People Manager is your managers’ single source for all HR issues.