UBIC E-Discovery Suite

UBIC E-Discovery Suite by Ubic

Typically, when a matter is closed the documents and data are archived and forgotten. When a similar matter arises, the e-discovery work starts over from the beginning. That means a lot of time and money is spent on re-processing and re-reviewing the same information. UBIC is committed to making your e-discovery work more efficient and less costly through the use of artificial intelligence and big data analytics to leverage and re-use your e-discovery knowledge.


  • UBIC's Lit i View E-DISCOVERY Platform features predictive coding technology that learns your tagging decisions and automatically sorts relevant documents from irrelevant documents.

  • UBIC's Lit i View BIG DATA CASE MANAGER holds data from multiple litigation matters, even data that was handled by different discovery vendors, in a consolidated database so that users can find what they need.

  • UBIC's Lit i View EMAIL AUDITOR allows users to monitor for fraudulent activities before incidents occur by utilizing the knowledge from subject matter experts.