U Route-Transportation Management System

U Route-Transportation Management System by U Route

U Route is a powerful, user-friendly Transportation Management System that was designed to tighten the link between shippers and carriers. Offering a host of robust features in a scalable web-based platform, U Route is a great option for companies that have outgrown spreadsheets and are seeking something that's extremely straightforward and easy to adopt.U Route offers a full suite of tools that include direct e-carrier management, user-friendly procurement, RFQ development and bid capabilities, load tendering, robust analytics, and more, all from a simple and sleek interface that's accessible anywhere with an Internet connection.


  • Procurement, Making sure they did not over pay for transportation    
  • Visibility,  Knowledge of pull from carrier communications    
  • Data,  Analytics pulled from past experience to make better decisions moving forward    
  • Carrier Management,  Tools to assist in vendor communication and decision making