Type A Series 1

Type A Series 1 by Type A Machines

Built to last, and better than ever. The Series 1 3D printer offers durability, modularity and one of the largest build volumes in its class. Each printer comes with a small sample of PLA filament. Full-sized filament spools must be purchased separately. 


  • High Durability Extruder
    Our new all-metal extruder is a game changer. The single piece melt path reduces clogging, allows for better temperature and print control, and works with a wider variety of printing materials, including PLA, High Carbon PLA and PET. It’s easy to clean and easy to replace, so you’re printing more and troubleshooting less.

  • Massive Build Volume
    The Series 1 3D Printer has a large and practical build volume, allowing users to create and print designs up to one cubic foot in a single print.

  • Durable, Industrial Construction
    Just because a printer is durable doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. The Series 1 3D Printer features a streamlined aluminum and acrylic body, a glass build surface, and a precision laser cut CNC folded metal chassis. We’ve also upgraded the ribbon cabling, power supply and motors to allow for more uptime.

  • Economical, Modular Design
    The modular and extensible design of the Series 1 3D Printer is designed for upgrades as technology improves. This is done through thoughtful design of the chassis, electronics bay and ribbon cabling, and means users get new technology faster so they can selectively upgrade and customize their machine.