Trend Micro Endpoint Security

Trend Micro Endpoint Security by Trend Micro Incorporated

Trend Micro endpoint security gives you the threat protection and data security you need to protect your users and your corporate information across every device and application. And we do it with unprecedented depth and breadth. You get multiple layers of advanced threat protection, including anti-malware, packer variant protection, encryption, device control, data loss prevention, vulnerability shielding, command and control blocking, browser exploit protection, application whitelisting, behavior monitoring, web threat protection, and more. All this is delivered via a light, lean client built for speed so neither the user experience nor your network is impacted.


• Integrated data loss prevention (DLP) and device control
ensure information is protected not only at the endpoint and removable media, but across multiple layers including
web and email gateway, and instant messaging (IM).

• Endpoint encryption makes sure only authorized eyes can
see your data, especially important in the event of loss or theft.

• Application whitelisting prevents your users from
executing dangerous or malicious applications on your endpoints by locking down to only the legitimate applications you are

• Vulnerability shielding (virtual patching) and application
lockdown protect your endpoints from vulnerabilities before there is a patch deployed, or indefinitely in cases
of end-of-life or unpatchable systems.

• Behavior monitoring provides an extra layer of protection
against new, unknown, and emerging threats with malware behavior blocking and event monitoring.

• Web reputation stops access to malicious websites,
including those employing C&C and data exfiltration.

• Browser exploits proactively prevents web browser
vulnerabilities from exploits, including zero-day attacks.