inet Logistics Transportation Management

inet Logistics Transportation Management by inet Logistics

The inet transportation management system is the answer to the question of how companies can best resolve the local and global challenges, the many differing participants and the growing transport volumes, and achieve optimum added value throughout the entire supply chain. It offers cost optimization, a high level of reliability as well as safety and transparency. This enables you to deliver your goods to their destination in the most efficient and low cost way.


  • Cost optimization by:
    • increasing the asset utilization ratio
    • preventing unnecessary shipments
    • consolidating and deconsolidating shipments
    • reducing inventories
    • automation of administrative processes

  • Increased reliability through:
    • systematic entering and processing of transportation orders
    • frictionless interaction and communication
    • one consistent and complete database
    • KPI reports

  • Increased security and transparency through:
    • early detection of deviations (dates, quantities)
    • compliance with logistics service provider agreements and transportation instructions
    • access to all relevant information and documents for all parties involved