Trakstar Software

Trakstar Software by Trakstar

Simple employee evaluation software anyone can use! Since 2001, we've been striving to revolutionize the world of employee evaluations by creating user-friendly yet powerful performance management tools. Today, with over 800 companies worldwide using Trakstar to streamline performance appraisals and build strong goal-setting cultures, we're proud to say we’ve achieved our mission... and we’re not slowing down.

Our Seattle-based team works hard to constantly improve our performance management system, so we can continue to offer the most user-friendly, customizable and affordable product for our client base, which includes organizations of all sizes and industries.


  • It's cloud-based - Use your web browser to access our software anytime, anywhere. 
  • You'll save loads of time - Get rid of paper. Trakstar gives you what you want with the click of a button. 
  • Really easy to use - Our designers have spent years refining our product so your users have it easy. 
  • With real-time reporting - It's simple to gather insights, track employee performance, and identify top performers. 
  • Flexible to meet your needs - Design forms, import users and configure workflows to fit your organization. 
  • Tasks get completed on-time - Email reminders make sure your users complete tasks you've assigned to them.