Intersystems TrakCare

Intersystems TrakCare by Intersystems

Intersystems Trakcare is a unique software solution in an era of digital decision support – this EHR product helps practices and hospitals all over the world to stay on top of administrative duties and build great patient care models. The functionality of this electronic health record resource is aimed at helping a wide spectrum of medical record handling businesses to succeed in both clinical and financial documentation and record-keeping.


  • One of the special aspects of Intersystems Trakcare is its cosmopolitan design. As a multi-language, multi-currency EHR product, Intersystems Trakcare works in many places around the world. It’s built to be a portable electronic patient record solution, and it is designed to truly help doctors and medical professionals make better health care decisions.

  • Intersystems Trakcare is also a diverse tool – various clinical and analytical modules share a common platform, which makes this electronic health record software easy to implement, but also keeps medical record handling features in their respective places. With the power of visual dashboards and an easy interface, Intersystems Trakcare allows practices to work quickly to modernize and enhance their service models with electronic health records.

  • Intersystems Trakcare is also a mobile solution – provided on a versatile platform, it allows for connecting tablets, mobile phones, and other devices to enterprise EHR data. This design brings electronic health data and real-time business intelligence to the fingertips of those who work with it in the field – another way that Intersystems Trakcare brings decision support to hospitals and other providers.