Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer by Trail Blazer Campaign Services Inc

Trail Blazer has had a long-standing commitment to service that goes above and beyond what’s expected.  The moment you call us, you'll feel that difference.  We listen, we're nimble and we put our customers first and foremost.  That dedication has created many loyal and happy customers.

Trail Blazer uses a client server technology where a small but very powerful application is loaded onto your computer.  Your data resides on our servers relieving you of the responsibility for backing up the data. You may have as many people as you like connected to and using the database at the same time


  • One Platform for All Your Donor Management and Fundraising Needs
    Not only is our donor management software simple to learn, but we've put everything on one integrated platform, so you never have to leave the program to perform a task. Whether it's assigning tasks to others, sending thank you letters, sharing calendar items, or planning fundraising events, we've thought of everything.  Think of it as "one program that does it all."

  • Harvest Website Activity Without Lifting a Finger
    Even better, all your website activity is harvested automatically.  This means online donations, event registrations, volunteer signups and enewsletter signups are imported directly into Trail Blazer's donor software package without lifting a finger.  

  • Track Every Donor Touch
    Better yet, eblasts are free.  Track your email opens and your embedded links.  View histories of every single donor touch whether by mail, email, phone, or in person.