Total Talent Management
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Total Talent Management by PeopleFluent

People are your organization’s greatest asset and the key to creating a sustainable competitive advantage. To maximize the potential of your entire workforce, there must be more to your Talent Management strategy than simply “managing” your talent. The PeopleFluent® Total Talent Management solution can help you engage your people at every stage, creating real business results.


  • Inspire at Every Stage of Employment- Attract and acquire the best candidates - permanent and contingent - with a captivating, interactive experience fueled by pervasive video and empowering analytics. Develop and retain future leaders with consistent, individualized learning and a clear path to achieving their career goals.

  • Drive Engagement & Productivity - Build a passionate and purposeful workforce. PeopleFluent's Talent Management software transforms performance and compensation processes into actionable, goal-oriented activities that drive engagement and employee morale. Onboard, train and manage all of your workforces consistently and efficiently to accelerate productivity.

  • Unified by the Mirror™ Experience - The Mirror provides a consistent, intuitive user interface across the talent management software suite. With the Mirror, experiences are infused with collaborative video, embedded analytics and contextualized social learning. This innovative technology is designed to dramatically increase engagement and productivity, while empowering new levels of strategic decision-making.