Toshiba Managed Print Services

Toshiba Managed Print Services by Toshiba Corporation

Despite the fact that printing costs are a huge expenditure, many companies aren't aware of just how much they're spending. Toshiba can help you reduce those costs by 30 to 40%. Our Managed Print Services team will uncover wasteful expenditures and help you implement simple, tailor-made solutions. Watch the video below to see how Hendrick Motorsports Director of I.T., Chris Newsome, increased his company's productivity and saved over $120,000 in hardware per year.


  • Device management: seeing the big picture
    Toshiba is the only name in the enterprise print management and optimization market that delivers a single, consolidated view of device and employee activity. We use multiple tools to build on the conventional suite of device management software, seamlessly combining meter reads with employee transactions.

  • Output management, fleet optimization: costs down, security up
    Our unique solutions give you the power to optimize printing wherever it happens: in your office, at your computer labs and libraries, your in-house print shops, even sourced from external print providers. That means you gain efficiency across your entire enterprise–printing lighter and shrinking your environmental impact, all with the confidence of ironclad print security.

  • Waste reduction: less overhead, more ROI
    Knowledge means control, and control means optimal ROI. A complete assessment of your users' printing and copying activity builds a roadmap to optimizing your printer fleet. We identify the equipment that can be eliminated or moved in order to achieve the most cost-effective device combination and location. Our multi-tool solutions are simple to implement, require very little training, and have minimal impact on operations. In most cases, the payback period is less than six months.